Game Features

"Forget physics. It's all about information. Information is the essence of the universe. In fact, it forms the line between reality and transcendence. Its exchange is the restriction that allows reality to exist in the boundless world of dreams."

Mary Harper, Xenoarcheologist

Cosmodog is a retro style game with 8/16-bit visuals and unforgiving but fair difficulty. Our goal was to create a complex and challenging adventure with fast-paced and easy-to-learn gameplay. Remember all those procedurally generated worlds of countless other games? Cosmodog is not like them. Every corner of its world is designed by hand. And it's all there for you - no loading screens, no cuts, no stages. Just you and a contaminated valley on an abandoned planet.


An open world, alien but familiar, awaits you. Explore the mysterious valley at your own pace. Find secret passages, enter abandoned camps and collect pieces of knowledge to find out what happened here in the recent past.


Fight for your survival! Find medicine, means of transport, food and water, avoid land mines and poisonous traps, beware the radiation.


Many enemies will obstruct your path. Military drones, security robots and indigenous life forms roam within the perimeter of the forbidden valley. Find weapons, manage ammunition and defeat your opponents in a fast paced, turn based combat.


Many helpful items are scattered around the valley. Each of them will make you stronger and provide new abilities. You will learn how to survive without water, how to walk in cold snow, how to protect yourself from radiation and poison. You will find means to cross rivers and break your way through jungles and rocks. Every corner of this world hides a secret. But beware! The most valuable loot is guarded by the strongest enemies.


A forbidden alien structure is looming over the landscape in the center of the valley. Will you be able to break the seal and reveal the ancient mystery inside it?

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